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Tight Optical Integration TOI of Images with GPS Range Measurements



The technology is an advanced Tight Optical Integration (TOI) algorithm that integrates optical information and GPS range measurements for navigation purposes. It uses the pixel domain to represent optical information, and the range domain to represent GPS measurements. A geographic location can be determined using the information from both domains. The device integrates angular measurement from a digital camera with the range measurements from a GPS receiver.


The measurements are processed by an algorithm implemented using the MATLAB software. TOI performs an integration of visual and GPS measurements, and maintains the capability of absolute positioning. This is of particular use when vehicles are traveling in urban areas, and lack sufficient GPS coverage due to signal blockage or denial. TOI automatically transits to operate with relative navigation in reference to the last known absolute position even when the GPS constellation becomes completely blocked.

OU Ref: 09001 View PDF

Issued Patent :
US 9,726,765


Thomas Arthur, Ph.D., Professor of Avionics at Ohio University’s Stocker Center. Dr. Arthur originally conceived the idea for this technology in June of 2007 and had reduced it to practice by September of the same year. Licensing opportunities are available.