Start Ups



CBMT Instruments. Accurate, non-invasive, direct functional measurements of the structural mechanical properties of cortical bone in ulnas of living people.

Affine Technologies


3D Data Visualization Company specializing in Real-Time Sensor-integrated Virtual Environments.

EZ Asphalt

EZ Asphalt Technology, LLC

Improved road conditions, verified for safety

The Technology Transfer Office and its partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem provide support to university inventors in the following ways:

  • Executives-in-Residence from the TechGROWTH Ohio program offer business coaching and support, including developing a business plan, analyzing the market, company formation, hiring employees, and managing legal issues.
  • The Innovation Center offers flexible office space, conference rooms, scientific laboratory space and equipment for startup businesses. Services also include business-related trainings and workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities.
  • The entrepreneurial ecosystem offers access to funding opportunities, such as growth grants and pre-seed investment from TechGROWTH Ohio, as well as connections to regional venture capital firms and other sources of financial support.

Please contact a member of our staff for further details and assistance.

Ohio University is one of 11 higher education institutions that developed the new Midwest Executives-on-Roster (XOR) platform, an online portal that matches entrepreneurs with university startup companies. The platform is intended to help commercialize university technologies by connecting with prospective CEOs who can build businesses that move innovations into the marketplace. Access to the platform and its technology listings is by invitation only. Entrepreneurs should contact Ohio University at