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University Registrar Fees

Notarization of Documents No Fee 

Notarization of Documents-Shipping Charges May Apply

The Office of the University Registrar can assist students with the notarization of transcripts and original diplomas for the purpose of Apostille Authentication. There is no cost for this service, however, notarization of official documents is reserved only for students who are seeking the Apostille Authentication for use outside the United States. The Apostille Authentication is the document and attachments that result from carrying out a series of authentication steps designed to protect as much as possible against fraud. The U.S. joined the 1961 Hague Convention October 15, 1981, which provided us the opportunity to take advantage of the more simplified certification of public documents to be used in and accepted by certain countries. Students who are seeking an Apostille Authentication are encouraged to contact the Office of the University Registrar for more information on the process.

Graduation Application $50.00*
The Graduation Application fee is assessed to students applying for graduation. This application starts the review process by the colleges.
Late Graduation Application  $100.00
Students who submit the Graduation Application after the advertised deadline will incur a fine of $100.00 for manual processing of their application.
Late Registration $150.00
Students who are in attendance by the Friday of the second week of the semester for full semester classes (last day to add classes that do not meet the full semester) but fail to complete any registration procedures must pay a $150.00 penalty for retroactive registration correction.
Mailing/Shipping Charges $15.00 / $33.00
To cover the cost of mailing/shipping client-requested documents by priority delivery.
Re-application for Graduation $5.00
The Re-application for Graduation fee initiates the review of a student's requirements for a student who has previously applied for graduation.
Replacement Diploma $15.00
The Replacement Diploma fee is assessed to replace the diploma for an alumnus whose diploma has been lost or destroyed.
Transcript Fee
The Transcript fee is assessed for each transcript requested by current or former students of Ohio University.
Paper $10.00
Electronic $8.00
Same Day Service $10.00
Online Ordering $2.35
Ohio University has a contract with a service provider to enable students and alumni to order transcripts online. Students are assessed the normal transcript fee and the service provider fee.

*Not applicable for associate and baccalaureate students in The OHIO Guarantee.