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Friendly Reminder - Grade Deadline for Fall Semester 2023-24

Dear Instructor of Record,

The grade deadline for fall semester 2023 –24 classes is approaching and grading opens soon.

You are currently listed as an instructor of record for a fall semester class. The Faculty & Advising Center permits the submission of official final grades.  Important points worth noting:

  • Grading opens: Monday, December 11, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern

  • Grade deadline: Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at noon Eastern. 

  • All grades and last dates of participation (when applicable) must be submitted by the scheduled deadline, without exception. This includes:

    • “PR” grades for classes in progress,

    • “I” grades for incomplete coursework,

    • “FN” (failure, never attended) for students who have never attended or participated,

    • “FS” (failure, stopped attending) and last date of participation for students who stopped attending or participating without official withdrawal,

    • “WP” (withdrawn passing) and last date of participation for students who withdrew and were passing at the time of withdrawal (the date must be the same or prior to the withdraw date),

    • “WF” (withdrawn failing) and last date of participation for students who withdrew and were failing at the time of withdrawal (the date must be the same or prior to the withdraw date),

    • “WN” (withdrawn never attended) for students who withdrew and never attended or participated. 

Note: W grades must have the appropriate P, F, or N assigned by the deadline.  If these are not updated, they are reported as late grades to the department chair/school director.

  • The withdraw date for students who withdrew from (dropped) a class after the Friday of the second week of fall semester is available.  Click the magnifying glass to the left of the student’s name to view the withdraw date.

  • Grades for multiple classes may be uploaded in a single file.  There is a button at the top of the class list screen to “Import Grades for Multiple Classes.”  This feature is very similar to importing grades for a single class, except subject, catalog number, and class section columns are required to import grades for multiple classes at once.

  • Grades are made available to students upon your submission of the grades for your class. You may "Save" grades without "Submitting" them. When you submit grades, they will be posted to students’ academic records and available to students shortly after submission. If you do not "Submit" grades, they will be made available to students the evening of the grade deadline.

  • The default number of rows displayed on your roster is set to 25. You can increase the default to a larger number by selecting the number in the drop down for Show [ ] entries

Once grades are submitted, they are official and final.  According to the Faculty Handbook (PDF) (Revised July 2023, p. 68):  
“A grade reported to the Registrar becomes official as soon as it is reported.  A permanent grade may be changed only if an error has been made.  The only exception is that if the instructor’s chair or dean recommends a change on the basis of evidence presented during the course of a student grievance procedure, the instructor may be permitted (but is not required) to make the recommended change.” 

Submitting grades late or not at all results in undeserved hardships for students. These can include denied degrees, lost job opportunities, delayed transcripts, problems with acceptance to other schools, being dropped from the next term's classes if the course is a requisite, being off plan for their OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan, and denials of eligibility for financial aid, athletic participation, and insurance discounts. Grades not submitted by the deadline will result in a letter being sent to the department chair/school director. 

Thank you for submitting your grades before the deadline, which is Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at noon Eastern.  For instructions on using the system, see below.

Best regards,


Bob Bulow
Interim University Registrar
Ohio University


Instructions for using the grade reporting system: 

  1. Log in to the Faculty & Advising Center using your OHIO ID and password. 

  2. On the Teaching tab select "Class List/Grading." Note: Only the faculty/instructors listed in PeopleSoft as the instructors for the class may enter and submit grades. 

  3. Two options for entering final grades: 

    i. View class roster to enter grades: Click to see the students registered in the class and to enter grades. 

    ii. Import/Load grades: Click to paste grades from an external file.  You can import grades for a single class or for multiple classes, by clicking on one of the import grades buttons, and pasting the appropriate information as described in the pop-up box.

  4. Click the Save Grades button to save the grades if you will need to make changes later. Click the Submit Grades button after you have entered and verified your grades for accuracy to finalize the submission of grades for the class.  Submitting grades will affect students only for whom you have entered a grade. If a student’s grade was blank when you submitted, you may go back and enter the final grade online. After grades are submitted, any changes must be processed using the online Change Grade form

  5. If you do not finalize the submission of grades by clicking the Submit Grades button, what you have saved as of the grade deadline will be submitted automatically for you. 

If you have any additional questions about how to submit your grades, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions, our grading videos, or you may contact our staff at or 740.593.4199.