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Official Academic Calendar 2015-16 

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Fall Semester 2015-16 Calendar

Spring Semester 2015-16 Calendar

Summer Semester 2014-15 Calendar

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Tentative Calendars for Future Years

2015-16 through 2023-24

Official Academic Calendars for Prior Years

2002-03 through 2014-15

Opening and Closing Dates for Prior Quarters / Years

1967-68 through 2014-15 (PDF 8Kb)


Academic Year Definition
The academic year is the 365 day period that begins with the first day of the Fall Semester and ends with the day before the first day of the following Fall Semester. It comprises the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters in sequential order, beginning with the Fall Semester. Regarding the completion of degree requirements, an academic year for a given student is the completion of two full semesters, normally Fall and Spring.

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