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A microscopic scan of normal tissue compared to tissue with osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis Research Laboratory

Osteoarthritis Research Laboratory

We are studying how osteoarthritis (OA) occurs with different risk factors, such as aging and obesity, with particular interests in studying the role of cellular metabolism in OA pathogenesis.

Our recent findings demonstrate that one type of protein translational modification-protein lysine malonylation (MaK) is increased during obesity and promotes chondrocyte metabolic dysfunction. Additionally, the demalonylase SIRT5 decreases in cartilage during aging. The current active research projects in lab include:

  1. Studying how an aging-dependent decline of Sirt5 promote MaK and chondrocyte metabolic dysfunction
  2. Studying how MaK is accumulated in cartilage during obesity

We are taking advantages of various leading-edge techniques:

  1. Genetically modified mice models
  2. In vitro Seahorse Respirometry
  3. Mass spectrometry based metabolomics 

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