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Reconnect... with the PCAs

April 17, 2023

As Commencement approaches, we naturally tend to focus on our graduates' future medical practices. But it's important to note that a handful of students in each graduating class—our Primary Care Associates—have a second professional ambition in mind: service in the field of academic medicine. 

Having trained in a PCA-like program at another college, I have a deep appreciation for the role that these students play at the Heritage College. Click below to learn about the Primary Care Associateship from current PCAs Lauren Leesman and Taylor Boyd.

Thank you for taking time to reconnect and learn about the Heritage College's Primary Care Associateship through the eyes of two truly standout osteopathic medical students. I have no doubt that the experiences afforded to our PCAs will allow them to make an incredible impact down the road, as they train future generations of osteopathic physicians to lead with compassion and care. 

Ken Johnson, D.O.
Executive Dean, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Ohio University