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Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy

Registered nurses provide care, support and education to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women. Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy provides links to social services such as housing, transportation, WIC, quitting smoking and many others. The program also assists with medical services such as primary care medical homes for mothers and their families, mental health support and vision and dental appointments.

Our registered nurses work together, offering services at no cost to qualified participants. We meet clients on a monthly basis at their physician appointments or at our Family Navigator offices in Grosvenor West. The overall goal of the Pathways program is to provide women with support throughout pregnancy and the post-partum period. Addiction treatment support is offered to those who need it. Smoking cessation services are provided through the Baby & Me Tobacco Free program, with incentives. Safe sleep education and free Cribettes are provided through the Cribs for Kids program.

Family Navigators also provide education, resources and referrals about reproductive health and birth control options for women and teens.

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For more information about Pathways to a Healthy Pregnancy, please call us at 740.593.9780 or 740.593.0037.

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Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program

  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Do you want a healthy pregnancy and baby?
  • Do you want to quit but haven't been able to?
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Now there is free help availablemoms who quit smoking and stay quit can earn up to $350 worth of free diapers!

BABY & ME - Tobacco Free is a smoking cessation program for pregnant and post-partum women. The program provides specialized one-on-one counseling before and after your baby is born to help you quit tobacco and stay quit. As an incentive, diaper vouchers are given to those who remain smoke free. The program is funded by the Ohio Department of Health Moms Quit For Two program. The BABY & ME - Tobacco Free Program has received national acclaim for its effectiveness.

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For more information about the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program, please contact us at 740.593.9780.


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Autism Info

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Ohio's Parent Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

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For more information about the Family Navigator Program, please call us at 800.844.2654.