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Allyson Hughes, PhD

Allyson Hughes
Assistant Professor, Department of Primary Care
Irvine Hall 128E, Athens Campus
Diabetes Institute
Primary Care


  • The University of Texas at El Paso, Health Psychology PhD
  • The University of Texas at El Paso, Clinical Psychology MA
  • The University of Texas at El Paso, Psychology BS


  • Aging  
  • Behavioral Medicine  
  • Diabetes         
  • Global Health 
  • Health Disparities      
  • Health Policy
  • Health Systems Science         
  • Medical Education
  • Psychology
  • Population Health

Summary of Work:

Dr. Hughes has years of experience working in academia, the nonprofit sector, and partnering with pharmaceutical companies to understand patient perspectives of post market drugs. She is very passionate about health policy. Her research in diabetes and behavioral medicine focuses on the psychosocial challenges of diabetes management including health equity regarding: severe hypoglycemia, diabetes distress, diabetes complications, and disability. She uses quantitative (surveys), qualitative (interviews and focus groups) and mixed methods in her research.