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Ohio Pride: A Chapter of Medical Student Pride Alliance

Student Organizations Athens

Our Mission

The Medical Student Pride Alliance (MSPA) is an activist and social organization committed to empowering sexual and gender minority medical students and allies, increasing the number of physicians trained in LGBTQ-inclusive health care, and addressing the unique needs of LGBTQ+ communities through research, advocacy, and service.

Officers, 2023-2024


Cheyanne Fincham

Vice President

Kaitlyn Cyncynatus 


Sabrina McCarthy


Jane Balbo, D.O.            

Dues: $10 Annually 

Services Provided

Ohio Pride is committed to creating an environment that empowers sexual and gender minority students, alongside their allies, at OU-HCOM. Paramount to our mission is preparing medical students to provide superior LGBTQ-inclusive health care, promoting the diversification of OU-HCOM faculty and staff, and advocating for the supplementation of our curriculum with LGBTQ-inclusive learning.

Tentative Schedule for 2023-2024

  •    Welcome Event- September- paid by for dues
  •    Inclusive Sex Education Talk- October- fundraiser
  •    Transgender Healthcare Talk with Dr. Kropf-March
  •    HIV Talk- February