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Surgery and Sports Medicine

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Our Mission

The club aims to empower fellow students and enhance their educational experience by providing ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience and learn from various medical professionals including those in surgery, sports medicine and anesthesia.

Officers, 2021-2022


Connor Davis

Vice President of Surgery

Nicholas Penzza

Vice President of Sports Medicine          

Jax Harville


Jessica Pickard

Anesthesiology Chair

Alex Casky


Shawn Kerger, D.O. 

Dues: $20 dues are collected annually

Services Provided

General members do not have responsibilities outside of attending some of the lunch presentations and skills labs.

This club can help refine students' medical interests through the variety of specialties represented by the club's speakers. Additionally, the wide range of clinical skills practiced will be of great assistance during rotations, no matter what the area of medicine, as these skills are not taught in class during the first two years of medical school.

Volunteering at the Columbus Marathon, the Cap City Half Marathon and the Arnold are annual community involvement events the club participates in. We will have luncheon presentations given by area physicians who practice various surgical specialties, non-surgical sports medicine, anesthesia and PM&R. There will be several skills labs that will cover suturing, ultrasound, joint injection, intubation, casting and others.

There will be opportunities to network with professionals in the field (e.g., OrthoNeuro surgeon panel, vascular surgery panel, anesthesia speakers)

Tentative Schedule for 2021-2022

Favorite events:

  •  Skills labs
  •  Speaker panels
  •  Columbus Marathon/Arnold volunteering

Current club funds will be sufficient for event funding through this calendar year.