Ohio University


Surgery and Sports Medicine

Student Organization Dublin

Our Mission

The Surgery and Sports Medicine Club at OU-HCOM is committed to giving first and second year medical students insight into the various surgical and sports medicine specialties. Our mission is to educate our members by bringing in specialists from across the state to speak about their experiences in medicine. We also aim to give our members hands on experiences with an ultrasound clinic, suture clinics, and working with team physicians of various athletic programs. Like many organizations, we are also committed to giving back to the Dublin community with various volunteer activities.

Officers 2019-2020


Robert Poth

Vice President of Surgery

Griff Saunders

Vice President of Sports Medicine

Katie Scarpino


Abigail Moffit

Anesthesiology Chair

Spencer Willette

Dues: $45 dues are collected annually.

Services Provided

Political advocacy workshop: held for all HCOM students to learn how they can do their part in political advocacy from the medical student level.

Tentative Schedule for 2019-2020

In the beginning of the year, surgery and sports medicine club plans on attending the Org Fair to talk with first year students about joining the club. During each semester, we plan on holding 1-2 workshops teaching ultrasound, suture, joint injection, and casting techniques to first and second year students under the guidance of local physicians and residents. These will often be co-hosted with the Emergency Medicine and/or Family Medicine clubs. We also plan on holding a few talks from local physicians to come speak with students about their field of practice. In terms of volunteering, we plan on having students volunteer at the Columbus Marathon in the fall, and the Arnold and Cap City Half Marathon in the Spring. We plan on continuing with the annual 1st year vs. 2nd year Flag Football Game in the fall as well. SSM funds these events with student dues, which are $45/year.