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Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Student Organizations Dublin

Our Mission

SAACOFP provides students with opportunities for monthly service projects, a vast array of medical lectures, as well as free clinical workshops hosted on campus and at our local residency programs. These opportunities are geared towards exposing students to the broad scope of services family medicine physicians can provide their patients. Joining the Family Medicine Club in Dublin allows students to learn from the best clinicians from the Columbus area while fostering opportunities for personal growth in pursuit of becoming a fantastic physician!

Officers 2019-2020


Mark Bugada

Vice President

Ryan Jay


Brennan Uhrig

Volunteer Coordinator

Xin Zhang


Matt Kochheiser


Sydney Brown


Paige Gutheil, D.O.

Sherri Martinez M.D.

No Dues

Services Provided

SAACOFP serves the community by volunteering with local organizations like Mid-Ohio Foodbank, senior homes, and hospitals. One of our major service events in the Fall is the Bobcat Care Fair with Peds club. This past year, we raised money for cancer research by organizing the No-Shave November fundraiser. Family Medicine Club provides a service to the college by organizing the Heritage Ball with the SAAO club and the Board Review Series for second years in the spring. SAACOFP provides a service to the osteopathic profession by advocating participation in the national ACOFP organization and by advocating for primary care.

Tentative Schedule for 2019-2020

  • Phlebotomy Lab
  • Suture Clinic
  • Casting Lab
  • Cardiovascular/ EKG Lab
  • Dermatology/ Skin Biopsy Lab
  • Ultrasound Injection Lab
  • OBGYN Clinic
  • OMM Labs with SAAO
  • OAFP Talk
  • Interprofessional Panel Talk
  • Women's Health Talk
  • Integrating OMM into the Clinic TalkLocal Matters services projects (community garden, cooking classes, etc) partnered with Lifestyle Medicine Club