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Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Student Organizations Dublin

Our Mission

This organization provides osteopathic medical students with service opportunities and community engagement through events that include, but are not limited to, volunteering at the Riverside Food is Health Pantry, the Bobcat CARE Fair and more. A philanthropic event that the club funds each year includes the Dublin Gala, alongside the SAAO club, where generated profits are used to fund student conference travel expenses and educational opportunities throughout the year.

Officers, 2023-2024


Lillian Lacey

Vice President

Aneesha Patel


Mackenzie Attwell

Dermatology ChairĀ 

Maximilian George


Paige Gutheil, D.O.

No Dues

Services Provided

Food is Health volunteering, Olde Sawmill Elementary Volunteering, joint injection labs, OMT Labs, IUD insertion labs, lectures with local family physicians that allow opportunities for networking and building relationships between students and residency programs.

Tentative Schedule for 2023-2024

We will be hosting the medical school gala and auction for Dublin. We will partner with pediatric club. We will also have a family medicine panel, in which students get to talk to doctors and ask questions. We will also have a welcome/get to know you event for the new first years coming onto campus. We will finance these events through our saved money as well as other grants we will apply for.