Ohio University

Internal Medicine

Student Organizations Dublin

Our Mission

As an organization, we seek to provide OU-HCOM students with a platform that allows them to explore their interests in the field of internal medicine, the sub-specialty pathways of internal medicine, and medicine as a whole.

Officers 2019 - 2020


Evan Parsley

Vice President

Devon Hall


Davesh Chauhan

Dues: $20 annually

Services Provided

Host various physicians in discussions to help educate medical students in a variety of areas related to internal medicine.Organize workshops to teach medical students various skills that will be needed as future physicians to accelerate their learning process.Work with Family Medicine and Pediatrics clubs to promote primary care in Ohio.The organization plans to establish a regular, monthly schedule of philanthropic events for this upcoming year.

Tentative Schedule for 2019 - 2020

  • E-board meeting
  • Dr. Sypert speaker
  • 1-2 speakers from Internal medicine sub-specialties (Most likely Oncology and Neurology)
  • Possible Internal med collaboration with Emergency Medicine club for a survival medicine clinic
  • Ultrasound workshop with Dr. Sypert from Riverside Unspecified Volunteering Activity (Tentatively: Mid-Ohio Food Bank)