Ohio University

Association of Women Surgeons

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Our Mission

The Association of Women Surgeons is dedicated to the mission of inspiring and supporting women in all
stages of medical training and to inspire, encourage and enable female surgeons to achieve their personal and
professional goals. To that end, the establishment of student chapters at medical schools both within the
United States and abroad will facilitate the success of aspiring women surgeons by 1) highlighting practicing
role models at local institutions and within the community, 2) providing networking and mentorship
opportunities with surgeons and surgical residents, and 3) providing a forum for open discussion and
collaboration on strategies related to professional development and the challenges women surgeons face.
Ultimately, this unique focus will provide opportunities in which personal and professional interests, concerns
and common experiences can effectively be addressed.


Officers 2020-2021


Sydney Pence                          

Co-Vice President             

Claire Allison

Co-Vice President     

Cassandra Simmons

Treasurer - SSM Parent Org Treasurer 

Michael Cymbal 

Dues: $45 dues for 2 years. To pay for this year only, we will charge $15.

Services Provided                   

This organization seeks to provide opportunities for members to give back to the community. Last year, we organized an event with Habitat for Humanity. This year, depending on the state of COVID-19, we hope to return to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, and we will welcome ideas from our members. 

Tentative Schedule for 2020-2021

While we are currently unsure of the exact dates, we hope to hold a talk by Dr. Stephanie Valente, an educational meeting about surgery (what types of surgery exist, where to look for information on preparing for interviews, etc) and a suture clinic. We would also like to explore options for talks by other surgeons. We will mainly fund these events through dues, but we will also consider fundraisers (such as a bake sale) should our financial needs exceed our dues.