Ohio University

Dermatology Interest

Student Organizations Cleveland

Our Mission

As a student organization, our main purpose is to broaden the interests of dermatology as it relates to osteopathic medicine. Our aim is to hold informative lectures and discussions and to foster student involvement. This will help in achieving our goal of increasing awareness regarding normal and pathologic skin, hair and nail conditions, in primary care and other medical specialties, as well as in dermatology.

Officers 2020-2021


Taylor Tharp                              

Vice President

Sher Rogers                                      


Jessica Ross                                        

Dues: $5, collected annually

Services Provided

This Dermatology Interest Group has been organized by students to help osteopathic medical students through educational services to club members and actively educating students and the public about skin care safety. 

Tentative Schedule for 2020-2021

It is recommended there are a minimum of four general membership meetings during each academic year, including a mandatory annual election of officers to take place prior to February 15.