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Student Association of American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Student Organizations Athens

Our Mission

The purpose of the SAACOFP is the promotion of family medicine as an area of practice for future physicians. It partners closely with the parent organization, ACOFP, which works to promote excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education, visionary leadership and responsible advocacy. The SAACOFP must promote the necessity of family medicine in the current medical landscape of the United States and give medical student members the tools needed to achieve their vocation as future family medicine physicians.

Officers, 2022-2023


 Tirzah Talampas               

Vice President 

Talia Minisall


Sydney Flesher


Dylan Warren


Bela Bhatt-Koshal, D.O.             

No Dues

Services Provided

The Athens SAACOFP organizes the annual Heritage Ball, provides clinical skills workshops, promotes family medicine's unique scope of practice, partners with other organizations to raise funds for worthy causes and plans various service projects.

Tentative Schedule for 2022-2023


  • Community clean up (self-funded through volunteers)
  • Physician guest speakers
  • Bake sale charity fundraiser
  • Heritage Ball (funded by ticket sales and fundraising)
  • Clinical skills workshops (funding to be determined at later date)