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Medical Students for Choice

Student Organizations Athens

Our Mission

MSFC is composed of OU-HCOM medical students who take interest in the political, social, and health-related implications of reproductive rights and abortion. We advocate for the right to reproductive healthcare and health policy favoring pro-choice abortion legislation.

Officers, 2023-2024


Alyson Johnson

Vice President

Hailey Wilson


Grace Counts                                        


Stephen Bell


Jane Broecker, M.D.

Dues: $15 annually

Services Provided

Our organization provides medical students with a safe place to learn about abortions, advocating for patients, keeping up with legislation, and educating medical students about reproductive health. Educate students about the practitioner shortage, lack of reproductive health education in medical schools, and hostility toward abortion providers. Provide opportunities to shadow local abortion providers/reproductive health experts. Inform students and others of legislative actions affecting reproductive rights at the local and national levels. Involve student in opportunities for reproductive rights advocacy.

Tentative Schedule for 2023-2024

   September 3rd: Exec Meeting
   September 5th: Org Fair 
   September 25th: Meet and Greet Jeopardy
   October 24th: IUD workshop 
   November 12th: Movie night 
   February 13th: Social night 
   March 19th: Papaya Workshop 
   April 6th: Networking event with Planned Parenthood