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Medical Students for Choice

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Our Mission

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) aligns itself with the goals and mission of the international, non-profit organization of the same name. The mission and values statements of the international organization appears directly below:

 “Creating Tomorrow’s Abortion Providers and Pro-Choice Physicians”

Medical Students for Choice “believe that all people should have access to health services that allow them to lead safe, healthy lives including all aspects of sexual and reproductive health consistent with their own personal and cultural values.”

MSFC works at multiple levels, providing appropriate clinical care, participating in reproductive health advocacy and education, and advancing public policy awareness. The group’s fundamental goal is to ensure and protect every person’s right to have access to – and utilize, if they so choose – any and all available reproductive health services and family planning options.

Officers, 2024-2025

PresidentSpencer Stein
Vice PresidentMorgan Saul
Treasurer                       Annie Declark                                    
SecretarySophia Thompson
AdvisorJane Broecker, M.D.

Dues: $15 annually

Services Provided

 The services provided my MSFC include:
   1). Educate students about the practitioner shortage, lack of reproductive health education in medical schools, and hostility toward abortion providers
   2). Provide opportunities to shadow local abortion providers/reproductive health experts
   3). Inform students and others of legislative actions affecting reproductive rights at the local and national levels
   4). Involve student in opportunities for reproductive rights advocacy

Tentative Schedule for 2024-2025

 Fall Semester
   1. Involvement Fair (August 12)
   2. Intro Meeting (Late August)
   3. IUD Workshop (Early October) with OBGYN Club and OWIM
   4. Bands for Choice (late October/ early November)
   5. Movie Night (November)
   6. Sex Night with MSPA (TBD)
   7. Abortion Stigma Presentation (TBD)
Spring Semester
   1. Book Club (January)
   2. Abortion workshop (February)
   3. Social (February)
   4. Abortion Trivia Night at Union (March)
   5. Vasectomy workshop (around 1st years schedule learning about GU)