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On-Demand Content

The following is a list of sessions delivered by University Libraries staff, archivists, and librarians that are asynchronous. Not quite seeing what you need? Do not hesitate to share ideas on other topics with us or reach out to your subject librarian for more options by discipline.

Alden Library Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Alden Library with our "This is Alden Library" video series! 

Learning goals: Students will learn about the many resources and services that Alden Library offers via a series of short videos dedicated to various areas of the building. 

Duration: Nine 2-3 minute videos

Mode: Online Video Series

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First Year Experience Tutorial

This interactive tutorial was designed for first year students at Ohio University and acts as an introduction to the Libraries’ collections, services, and support. The tutorial prompts users to practice searching strategically and practice searching Libraries’ resources. A quiz is included within the tutorial, and a certificate of completion is provided upon completion. 

Learning goals: Students will learn the important skill of narrowing a research topic, and understand the differences between databases, search engines, and other resources. Additionally, students will conduct basic searches in ArticlesPlus, ALICE, OhioLINK, and our digital special collections.   

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

Mode: Interactive Tutorial

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Plagiarism Tutorial

This interactive plagiarism tutorial walks students through the basics of plagiarism including the definition of plagiarism, what paraphrasing and quoting are, and how to detect plagiarism. A quiz is included within the tutorial, and a certificate of completion is provided upon completion.  

Learning goals: Attendees will understand what plagiarism is and the steps they can take to ensure that they are using resources responsibly.   

Duration: 20 - 30 minutes

Mode: Interactive Tutorial

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Zotero Workshop

Zotero is a citation manager that is available for free and is used by many students, faculty, staff, and  librarians at Ohio University. This tutorial  is designed to walk you through the basics of setting up and using the Zotero software and account to manage your references and citations. The tutorial can be viewed as one video, but it is also broken up into smaller videos, in case you have specific questions.   

Learning goals: Attendees will be able to download Zotero and create an online account, set their preferences for style guides, pull citations in from ArticlesPlus and Google Scholar, organize their citations using folders, tags, and notes, and finally create citations and references in the style of their choice.

Duration: 50 minutes

Mode: Online Video Series

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