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Share your work and increase your impact.

OHIO Open Library is a publicly-accessible repository providing open access and worldwide exposure to the scholarly, research, and creative works of Ohio University faculty, staff, and students. As a member of the Ohio University academic community, you are encouraged to contribute your work to OHIO Open Library for enhanced access and awareness and to expand the reputation of the university.

OHIO Open Library Purpose Statement

OHIO Open Library is Ohio University’s institutional repository, managed by the University Libraries, providing open access and worldwide exposure to the scholarly, research, and creative works of Ohio University faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, the institutional repository supports open academic and University records in support of the mission of the University.

Inclusion Guidelines

OHIO Open Library supports and promotes Ohio University author’s and Ohio University hosted content by providing a platform and expert assistance in making content openly accessible. The Libraries will consider research, creative output, educational materials, cultural history resources relevant to the University and/or the region, University records, curricular support, green open access articles, and College/School/Department affiliated works of lasting value for inclusion.

Why Contribute to OHIO Open Library?

  • Make your work openly available, enabling greater access to colleagues, students, and new audiences.
  • Reach an international audience through search engine optimization, including discoverability in Google Scholar.
  • Raise the profile of Ohio University and its scholars.
  • Comply with granting agencies’ open access requirements.
  • Receive stable, persistent URLs (never broken links) for your content.
  • Access to robust download metrics.
  • Omit dependence on 3rd party platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Publish in the file format you choose with no size restriction. 

Examples of OHIO Open Library Content

Submission Considerations

The Libraries will consider requests for inclusion using the guidelines above. All submissions must include a Creative Commons license selection. Authors will take responsibility for compliance with U.S. Copyright law. Authors should ensure that they have permission to re-use any copyrighted content or the usage is within Fair Use. Libraries staff cannot provide legal advice but may be able to assist with some questions about copyright and permissions.

OHIO Open Library proudly hosts Theses out of the MFA program. While the OhioLINK hosted ETD Center is the preferred platform for Theses and Dissertations and other research and creative work representing the required output for a Masters or Doctorates degree, the Libraries will consider additional categories of Theses and Dissertations that include multimedia not supported by the ETD Center. Capstone projects fall outside of the criteria for inclusion in OHIO Open Library at this time.

How to Get Started?

As a service of the University Libraries, library staff are available to help you through every step of the submission request. All requests will be reviewed for compatibility with OHIO Open Library’s open access mission.

If you have university-affiliated content you would like to make more available (open access articles, university publications, datasets, multimedia, etc.), please email with any questions or requests.