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The following is a list of sessions delivered by University Libraries staff, archivists, and librarians that relate to Special Collections topics. Not quite seeing what you need? Do not hesitate to share ideas on other topics with us or reach out to your subject librarian for more options by discipline.

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Artists' Book Pop-Up

Artists' books can challenge our notion and understanding of what a book is, how it looks and functions. They are created by artists who take a creative approach not only to the physical concept of a book, but also to how to communicate a narrative or other information. Join Special Collections Librarian Miriam Intrator for this pop-up where you will be able to handle a broad variety of artists' books, whether to analyze the content or be inspired by the format or structure.   

Learning goals: Attendees will practice handling and analyzing artists' books as primary source objects. Attendees will describe materials, format, structure, content, and interpretation of the books. Attendees will gain an understanding of what makes an artists' book a rare book. When applicable, attendees gather inspiration for their own making of an artists' book.  

Duration: 45+ minutes

Mode: In-person session/presentation

Location(s): Athens Campus / all campuses available if scheduling allows

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Curator’s Walk and Talk

Instructors or other groups may schedule a curator's walk and talk for a specific exhibit in Alden Library. Topics may include the process of curating the exhibit, the collection(s) from which the material came, and of course the themes and content present in the exhibit. Requestors will work with the exhibits committee to arrange a walk and talk with the relevant exhibit curator or a thoroughly trained representative. 

Learning goals: Attendees will learn about the Libraries' collections, explore relevant topics and themes using primary sources, and learn about the process of description and display in exhibits.   

Duration: 30+ minutes

Mode: In-person tour

Location(s): Athens Campus

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Introduction to Medieval Manuscripts

Medieval manuscripts are something you often see on display in museums, behind glass. In this learning opportunity, Special Collections Librarian Miriam Intrator will teach you how to handle and analyze manuscripts as well as manuscript facsimiles, either as a general introduction or related to a specific topic or area of interest.  

Learning goals: Attendees will practice handling and analyzing medieval manuscript material. Attendees will consider and debate book breaking as a practice, and the issues with purchasing individual leaves on the market. Attendees will gain language to describe elements of medieval manuscripts including, but not limited to, substrate (paper), scripts, decorative elements, materials and techniques used in manuscript creation, later additions or edits, and medieval binding, shelving, and usage practices.  

Duration: 60+ minutes

Mode: In-person, online, or hybrid session / workshop

Location(s): Athens Campus (in-person) / all campuses available online or in-person if scheduling allows

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Rare Books Browse

Browsing bookshelves is how we serendipitously discover books we didn't even realize we were looking for. This is your opportunity to schedule a time to browse the rare book collection with Miriam Intrator, Special Collections Librarian.  

Learning goals: Attendees will explore the size and scope of the rare book collection. Attendees will be able to identify possible research topics and narrow or clarify a research topic. Attendees will consider the book as a physical object within the context of a research topic or project.  

Duration: 30+ minutes

Mode: In-person session / presentation/tour

Location(s): Athens Campus, Mahn Center for Special Collections

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Zines Workshop

Zines continue to be an important means to communicate information in a low cost, hands-on, subversive and creative way. In this workshop, led by Special Collections Librarian Miriam Intrator, you will view items in our Zine Collection to learn more about the format, and then decide how you want to send your own message by making your own zine.  

Learning goals: Attendees will gain insight into the history of zines and zine making. Attendees will practice handling, analyzing, and discussing zines as activist primary sources. Attendees will access their own creativity to come up with a message and format, to select materials to create their own zine to take away or to add to the Zine Collection. 

Duration: 45+ minutes

Mode: In-person session / presentation

Location(s): Athens Campus / all campuses available if scheduling allows

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