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Library Basics

The following is a list of sessions delivered by University Libraries staff, archivists, and librarians that relate to Library Basics. Not quite seeing what you need? Do not hesitate to share ideas on other topics with us or reach out to your subject librarian for more options by discipline.

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Behind the Scenes Tour of Alden Library

Join an Athens Campus librarian to explore services, spaces, and staircases you never knew were in Alden Library. Discover miles of maps, millions of monographs, silent spaces, and more. Stay a little longer for an introduction to the online library.     

Learning goals: Attendees will discover services, spaces, and resources available at Alden Library and meet a librarian to reduce library anxiety. Attendees will locate a study space that fits their preferences.   

Duration: 45 - 80 minutes

Mode: In-person tour / presentation

Location: Athens Campus

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Finding Films in the Library: We're not in Kansas anymore!

Finding films and film titles to stream and make available to your students and classes can be challenging. lorraine wochna, Subject Librarian for the Performing Arts, will demonstrate how to find and navigate through our top streaming video platforms. Platforms discussed will include Kanopy, Swank, AVON, and Films on Demand.         

Learning goals: Attendees will learn how to use streaming film platforms to learn more about the content and learning tools (ie, making clips) provided within the platforms.   

Duration: 60+ minutes

Mode: In-person, online, or hybrid tour / presentation

Location: Athens Campus (if in-person) / all campuses available for online

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