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Room Reservation Policies

Class of 1951 Lounge

The 1951 Lounge is located on the 4th floor of Alden Library.  Request for the use of this space for events must be submitted to and approved by the Dean of the Libraries or one of the assistant deans, Janet Hulm or Kelly Broughton.  Please follow the Alden 1951 Lounge Event Procedures (PDF) for requests to use the space.

Friends of Libraries Room

The Friends of the Libraries Room (319 Alden) is used primarily for educational or cultural activities which are consistent with the Library’s functions. The Friends Room is located opposite the Fine Arts Library on the 3rd floor of Alden Library.

The room is available for use by groups within the University and for limited use by the Athens community.  The room may be scheduled for repeat meetings/events no more than once per month and may be scheduled up to one semester in advance.

Serving of food and drink in the Friends Room is NOT permitted except by special permission during the reservation process. University catering policies must be followed.

The room includes approximately 80 chairs and 10 tables. The capacity of the room in a theater-style arrangement is 80 people.  The room is equipped with a computer, projector and other audio-visual equipment. Assistance from IT library staff are typically only available if prior arrangements have been made.

To schedule, contact Jennifer Harvey and Kate Mason.

George V. Voinovich Seminar Room

The Voinovich Room is located on the 5th floor of Alden Library.  Graciously funded by Senator George V. Voinovich upon his retirement from the U.S. Senate and the donation of his senatorial papers to the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, the Voinovich Room is exclusively available to librarians and archivists working with researchers and materials from the archives, otherwise it is available for open quiet study.

Active Learning Classroom 251

Alden Library room 251 is an active learning classroom that includes group seating, AirMedia and HDMI connections to group displays, and more. This room does not include computing (with the exception of the instructor’s station). Instructors should plan on students/participants bringing their own computing devices. Priority use of this room is for library instruction. To request library instruction, contact your subject librarian or archivist.  During off-peak library times, it may be available for reservation by other groups.  Use of the advanced technology in the room requires training.  Alden service desk staff are not available to assist with room issues and library technology staff may not be immediately available for troubleshooting.  Please review the Instructions for Alden Room 251 (PDF) before making a reservation.  If you would like an in-person training on the use of the room please contact Christopher Guder to schedule an appointment.

During the first six weeks of fall and spring semesters, reservations by non-library staff for 251 may be made no more than one week in advance in order to ensure availability of the room for library instruction.

Make a request to reserve Learning Labs 251 or 318, or Classroom 323.

Learning Lab 318

Alden Library operates a traditional computer learning lab (room 318). Priority use of this space is first for library instruction and second for open computing. To request library instruction, contact your subject librarian or archivist.  During non-peak library times, this lab may be available for other groups using the software and computing resources already available.  The Libraries cannot add software or computing resources.

Make a request to reserve Learning Labs 251 or 318, or Classroom 323.

Rollins Room

The Rollins Room For Student Leadership is a specially-equipped room in the Learning Commons/2nd floor designed to re-create the corporate boardroom experience. This room seats as many as sixteen people comfortably and twenty in a pinch. It has more technology than the groups study rooms, including a ceiling projector with HDMI and VGA laptop hookups, AirMedia wireless screen sharing, and a standard OU classroom podium.  Priority for use of the Rollins Room is given to student organizations  and those needing a larger room.  When not occupied, the Rollins Room may be reserved as a general study room.

  • The Rollins Room may be reserved online.
  • The Rollins Room is not intended for use by individuals working alone, by regularly scheduled classes, or for staff meetings.
Study Carrels

A limited number of  study carrels on the 1st and 6th floors are available to faculty and graduate students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact Circulation/4th Floor Service Desk for more information.

Study Rooms

Alden Library maintains a number of study rooms for use by Ohio University students, staff and faculty working on projects for academic purposes. They are not intended for use by by regularly scheduled classes or for staff meetings.

Study rooms are located on the 1st2nd3rd, and 4th floors of Alden Library.

  • Study rooms may be reserved online.
  • Rooms vary in size and equipment available.
  • Rooms are unlocked except for the Rollins Room (check out the Rollins Room key at the 2nd Floor Service desk).
  • If an individual or group does not occupy the study room within 15 minutes after the start time of their reservation, then the room is considered available to other individuals or groups.
  • Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours in a 24-hour period. Additional reservations within a 24 hour period may be deleted.