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Study Space Noise Guidelines

We strive to provide a welcoming study environment for all types of library users.   Use the stoplight symbols throughout the building to find your ideal study space. 

 If you find your neighbors are being too loud for the space, we encourage you to politely ask them to lower their volume.  If you are uncomfortable or your neighbors are still being too loud, contact us and we can come remind them of appropriate noise levels.


Space Type Space Guidelines Locations in Alden
Graphic depicting a group noise level that features a group of students working together
  • group work is encouraged
  • normal conversation volume  is expected
  • cell phone conversations at a normal volume okay
  • ringtones should be set to quiet or vibrate
  • 2nd Floor (entire floor)
  • 3rd floor near the windows
  • Any study room in Alden 
Graphic depicting a quiet noise level that features students studying quietly side by side
  • occasional quiet conversations  okay

  • cell phones set to vibrate

  • brief, quiet cell phone conversations okay

  • headphone volume should be a personal listening level

  • noise may come from nearby elevators, entrances, and service points

  • 1st floor

  • 4th floor

  • 5th floor near  floor entrance/elevator

  • 6th floor (entire floor)

  • 7th floor (entire floor)

Graphic depicting a silent noise level that features a student working alone with headphones on
  • talking is prohibited

  • loud typing also discouraged

  • no cell phone conversations

  • no noisy food

  • headphone volume should be a personal listening level

  • 1st floor along walls of International Collections Book Stacks

  • 3rd floor Fine Arts Library Book Stacks

  • 4th floor  Deep Quiet room

  • 5th floor along south wall

    • Farthest space from the elevator