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Photo of Dr. Lawrence Witmer

Dr. Lawrence Witmer
Professor, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Photo of Misako Hata

Misako Hata
Lab Director, Ohio University Innovation Center 

Photo of Ryan Ridgely

Ryan Ridgely
Research Associate,
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Photo of Dr. Miriam Intrator

Dr. Miriam Intrator
Special Collections Librarian, University Libraries

Photo of Miriam Nelson

Miriam Nelson
Director of Mahn Center, Preservation & Digital Initiatives, University Libraries 

Working alongside Lawrence Witmer, Misako Hata and Ryan Ridgely, librarians Miriam Nelson and Miriam Intrator explored opportunities to advance the preservation and access of three ancient artifacts: a clay tablet, scarab seal and cylindrical seal housed in University Libraries’ Rare Book Collection. The partnership resulted in the replication of the objects into 3D models that can now be accessed and examined alongside high-quality images of the artifacts in Digital Archives. Under the guidance of Lawrence Witmer, the Libraries utilized OHIO’s MicroCT scanner to create highly detailed scans of the objects. Ryan Ridgely then used the data from the CT scans to create 3D digital models, and Misako Hata used those files to create 3D physical surrogates of the artifacts. Those detailed digital scans now further enable teaching, learning and research opportunities by expanding the ability to study and interact with these rare objects while limiting the handling of the original artifact — and allow for greater interaction and more in-depth learning opportunities for both the OHIO community and scholars worldwide. 

“It was a pretty deep collaboration across multiple units on campus, and it really showcases, I think, some of the amazing sort of hidden gems that are here at Ohio University…[not only] the hidden objects that are gems, but also the capabilities, the expertise and the knowledge base [of OHIO faculty and staff].” – Dr. Lawrence Witmer