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University Libraries honors its history with its annual Homecoming display

Mimi Calhoun
September 27, 2023

Ohio University is approaching one of the most beloved times of the academic year by students, staff, faculty and alumni alike. The Libraries’ will be celebrating Homecoming with its annual archival display available for viewing from Monday, Oct. 2 to Saturday, Oct. 7. 

Original materials related to the history of OHIO such as yearbooks, photographs, event posters, sports programs and other nostalgic memorabilia will be showcased. The display will be set up on the fourth floor of Alden Library for those wanting to get a glimpse of OHIO’s past. Visitors are encouraged to spend as much time as they want, pick things up, move them around and share their information as well as related stories with family and friends.

Bill Kimok, university archivist and records manager as well as the curator of the display, mentioned that there will be some new things from the archives that will make an appearance at this year’s display.

“In the past year or so we have collected interesting historical materials from the Ohio University Women’s Center, the African American Studies Department and the LGBT Center, some of which will be added to the rich array of materials that we usually display,” Kimok said. “I am really excited about incorporating these materials into the [Libraries’] display to make it more inclusive and comprehensive in telling the story of OHIO’s past.”

Another favorite activity of Homecoming for University Libraries and patrons alike that will be occurring once more is the button making session. Taking place outside the fourth floor of Alden, visitors and students will be able to make pins from images that they have found from upcycled OHIO materials.

For more information about the display, please contact Bill Kimok, university archivist and records manager.