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Annual Alden Open Continues as a Dads Weekend Tradition

The annual Alden Open mini golf course in Alden Library has become a staple event during Dads Weekend. On Nov. 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the three-floor mini golf course is back and participants can choose to play nine holes for $5 or 18 holes for $10. 

Alden Open 2018
Matt Fujita laughs with his father, Bob Fujita, while playing mini golf at the 2015 Alden Open in the Library.

Every year, the design of the course changes, making it the perfect place for students, faculty and their families to continue to come back to. Additionally, the event gives bragging rights that can last for the whole weekend, while also showing off the Library to family and friends.

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“We’re a very competitive family, so we like seeing who’s going to win and who likes to cheat and stuff like that,” said Mark Nelson as he teases his daughter Kelsey Nelson at the 2018 Alden Open.

All of the money raised at the event will go toward the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo, held on April 9, 2020. For the past 15 years, the Expo has allowed hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and medical students to present their original work in the Convocation Center. In previous years, projects have included documentary filmmaking, robotic lawn mowers and innovative theater costumes, as well as presentations on the latest findings in medicine, education and science.

Be sure to stop by on Nov. 2 for a day filled with friendly competition, games and fun.

To request accessibility accommodations for this event, please contact Jen Harvey.

Photos by John Michael Simpson / Ohio University Libraries

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