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Student Expo

Student Expo

#OUVirtualExpo & Expo Pitch Competition
Coming April 2021

We are working to determine the format(s) and timing for the 2021 Student Expo.
We will post more information by end January.

Survey: Recently we conducted a survey of students and faculty/staff who mentor students conducting research & creative works about their preference for format for the 2021 Student Expo.  Choices were:

  • Option 1: social media only, as per 2020, where students post to their social media accounts and we repost to @bobcatsdiscover [Twitter or Instagram].
  • Option 2: students upload videos and judges review videos asynchronously and then conduct a live 10-minute Q&A with students.

299 students, faculty and admin across all colleges and 8 of 11 campus responded.
Check out their responses.

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