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Student Expo
April 11, 2024

Student Expo

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Major congratulations to all of the 2024 Student Expo Awardees! Click here for list.

Note, we will update with GSS, University Library and Medical Impact Awardees ASAP.


The Ohio University Student Research and Creative Activity Expo is held annually to highlight student research, scholarship and creative works. OHIO and local community members, including middle and high school students, are encouraged to attend the Expo to see how OHIO students are furthering knowledge and benefiting society.

Download a list of 2024 presenters - alphabetical order

Download a list of 2024 presenter - by session

Student Expo App:  Find presentations by: name, session or keyword

Check out presenter social media posts @bobcatsdiscover (twitter and instagram),use #OUStudentExpo 

  • Recapping This Year's Event

    Social Media
    Post text, picture, graphic, video etc. online.
    Use #OUStudentExpo
    Tag @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter and Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special precautions for COVID?

At this time, there are no special precautions.

What are the criteria for in-person Student Expo judging?

Presentations (10 min) will be judged based on the presentation of the work. Presenters should clearly state:

  • What did they did/are they doing?
  • Why do it? What is the need/context to other work in the field?
  • How did/will they do it? What methods will/did they use?
  • How will their work further knowledge in the field/benefit or impact society?
  • Judges will award a 1st ($150) and 2nd ($75 prize) or two joint 1st place prizes ($112.50) if one UG and one G recipient for regular sessions.

In addition, students can compete for special sessions, as are described on the registration form.

Will there be special sessions awards?

Yes. Students are eligible to compete for judging in up to 2 special session awards in addition to their regular session.

How can I participate in the social media option?

Students and postdocs are encouraged to register and must register if they want an Expo t-shirt.

On April 13, students and postdocs are encouraged to post about their research & creative works to their Twitter and/or Instagram account. They should (1) tag @bobcatsdiscover & others and (2) include the #OUStudentExpo hashtag in the post.

We also encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well; just remember the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so we can find you!

  • Content: Tweets and short posts with an image or two, GIF, or short video. Make sure you use #OUStudentExpo in the post and tag @bobcatsdiscover!
  • Tagging: View a list of university Twitter and Instagram handles [Excel] (department, college and other entity). Have additions/revisions for handles? Email adsitt@ohio.edu
  • When: Students and postdocs are encouraged to post any time on April 13 at their convenience.
  • Sharing: People can find posts by searching for the hashtag #OUStudentExpo. In addition, Expo staff will then re-post to @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter and Instagram*) within 48 hr. [*Instagram has re-posting limits so we might not be able to re-post all posts on Instagram]
  • More Sharing: All students, faculty, staff, alums and friends are encouraged to search for the #OUStudentExpo hashtag to view, re-post, like and comment on posts!  You can also check out @bobcatsdiscover to see posts after the event!
What should I post to social media?

Be creative. Tell us about your research and creative work. For example: What inspired you?  What did you do? What impact did it/will it have?
Be brief. Include an image or two, slide show, GIF or short video.  No posters or PowerPoints or long videos. If you post a video, please consider using a site, e.g., YouTube, that provides captions.


Can I participate in the social media option if I don't register?

Yes, but we encourage everyone to register, and you need to register if you want an Expo t-shirt. 

Can I see social media posts if I don't have a Twitter or Instagram account?

Yes. You can see Twitter and Instagram posts on @bobcatsdiscover by searching via Google, but you will not be able to interact with the posts.

If you use another social media platform, e.g., Facebook, search for the #OUStudentExpo hashtag to see Facebook posts.

Can people see my posts if my social media account is private?

Posts on a private account can only be seen by your followers. So, even if you use the #OUStudentExpo hashtag, most people, including @bobcatsdiscover, will not be able to see your posts.  Therefore, we suggest making your account public for a short period around the Expo, e.g., April 13-20.


Thank you to University Libraries for funding t-shirts and creating access to presentation info through Ohio Open Library.

2021 Virtual Expo

Repository of Projects: Ohio Open Library (put "Student Expo" in search box)