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Competency Model

Competency Training Framework

A competency model is an organized collection of knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for great performance. Ohio University’s competency model includes 56 competencies that have been linked to successful performance at OHIO through in-depth conversations with successful University employees. Each competency is grouped into one of nine development categories, focusing on interactions with PEOPLE, management of work and TASKS, and characteristics or knowledge associated with SELF effectiveness.


Competency Dictionary

Detailed definitions and performance indicators for each competency can be found in Ohio University's Competency Dictionary (PDF). An Enhanced Accessibility version of the Competency Dictionary (PDF) is also available. 

The first step on the Professional Development Pathway is to review the Competency Dictionary and become familiar with the competencies identified for success in your role. After familiarizing yourself with the competencies, identify perceived strengths and development opportunities, then look for ways to use your strengths and work on development opportunities within your current role. For best results, remember to seek feedback, celebrate successes, and share your knowledge along the way.