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New Student Employment Paperwork

Hello! You've received this link because you have selected student employment with Ohio University. All the steps below must be completed, and I-9 Verification MUST be complete before you can begin work.

STEP 1: Complete page 1 of the I-9.  
Then, take your original identification documents to one of the designated locations below to be verified, in person, within 3 business days of your start date

List of acceptable I-9 documents


  • If you do not complete this step within 3 business days of your hire date, your employment will end
  • You must bring original documentation to your appointment; no photos, copies, or electronic versions will be accepted. 

STEP 2: Download the New Student Employment paperwork packet and complete the packet electronically.

STEP 3: Upload the completed packet securely. This is a secure site, so your personal information will be protected. You must include your Social Security Number on all forms, where applicable.

STEP 4 (International student employees ONLY): Please complete the Glacier process using this FAQ and guide before beginning employment.

If you have questions about any step in the process, please contact