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Student Employment


2023 Job Fair

Monday, July 17th | 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. | Sook Academic Center
Peden Stadium, South Green Drive, Athens OH

Job offers are made on site at the event. Some benefits of being an employee of Culinary Services includes flexible scheduling and free shift meals.

We are hiring for student positions, as well as cook and custodian positions with a benefits package that starts immediately.

Come attend the job fair to learn even more about employment at Culinary Services and join our team!

Effective January 3, 2023:

Hourly Pay Rates for Student Employees

  • Level 1:  $11.00
  • Level 2:  $12.00
  • Level 3:  $13.25
  • Level 4:  $14.00
  • Level 5:  $14.75
  • Level 6:  $15.00
  • Level 7:  $16.50

Each student employee who works a minimum of a four-hour shift, per day, receives a free meal.

See complete details in the Culinary Services Student Employee Handbook



The Student Employee Referral Program


If a student refers two new hires, they will receive $25 in Bobcat Cash as soon as the new hires begins working.

If both new hires work at least 4 hours, every week for 8 straight weeks (not including academic breaks) the referrer will receive an additional $50 in Bobcat cash, AND each of the referrals will receive $25 in Bobcat Cash.

This program will also go in effect on September 25, 2022.

Venue-specific Employment Opportunities

  • Dining Courts

    Preparation and serving of three meals a day (2 on Sunday) in two Dining Courts, Nelson and The District on West Green, throughout the academic year.

    Jobs include:

    • Server/transporter
    • Food prep/stocker
    • Dining room/concept clean up
    • Dishroom & pots and pans
  • Campus Markets

    Join in one of our three campus markets (convenience stores) at Nelson, Boyd and Jefferson Marketplace.

    Jobs include:

    • Stocker
    • Inventory
    • Cashier
    • Barista at Jefferson's OHIO Cafe
    • Deli worker at Jefferson's Brick City Deli
    • Smoothie bar attendee at Boyd Market
  • Baker University Center

    Baker University Center (BUC) venues include West 82, Latitude 39, and OHIO Catering. In these BUC retail operations jobs are:

    • Server
    • Hostess
    • Bartender Cashier Kitchen help/prep
    • Kitchen cleanup
    • Stocker
  • Central Food Facility

    Central Food Facility houses a large-scale bakery, vegetable preparation kitchen, central supply kitchen, and warehouse.

    Jobs include:

    • Bakery staff
    • Vegetable preparation staff
    • Dishroom staff
  • Cafes

    Come be a barista in one of our four campus cafes on the Athens campus:

    • Alden Library - Cafe Bibliotech
    • Baker University Center - Front Room Cafe
    • Academic and Research Center - ARC Cafe
    • Heritage Hall College of Medicine - Cafe at Factory Street

Culinary Locations

Color-coded and labeled map of the various Culinary Services locations

Contact Us

For information regarding employment opportunities, please email us at Once you complete an application, please allow a week for our staff to determine if there are any positions that need to be filled.

Apply now for a position with Ohio University Culinary Services!