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Please note: During specific periods of time (end of semester, prior to breaks) menus will be adjusted without notice to reduce waste.

OZW means oz (ounces) by w (weight). To ensure that the nutrition information is correct, portions need to be by weight (w) or volume (v).

Nutrition Tip: The Food and Nutrition Board Recommends That the Fat Content of the Diet Not Exceed 30% of Caloric Intake, That Less than 10% of Calories Should Be Provided from Saturated Fatty Acids, and That Dietary Cholesterol Should Be Less than 300mg/Day.

Culinary Services will make every effort to serve items as listed in the menu during each meal period. Adjustments may be necessary without notice for a variety of reasons (reduce waste, product shortages from suppliers, etc.). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.