Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating


Ohio University Culinary Services is committed to offering healthy food at every meal. Our team prepares approximately 3.5 million meals per year and serve a diverse population of students, faculty, staff and university guests. Our philosophy is based on "choice dining" as we offer a wide variety of freshly-prepared foods daily. Many of these foods are healthy; however, it is ultimately up to our guests to select their preference of items and quantities.

Weekly menus are available to assist your meal planning on our menu page

Items Available Each Day Include

  • Whole-Grain breads and cereals
  • Skim Milk, Soy Milk, and Almond Milk (available in various flavors)
  • 100% fruit juice (orange and apple)
  • Fresh Fruit - We offer three or more fruit options for each meal. Selections are based on quality and availability.
  • Vegetarian Protein options
  • Egg-White Omelets (create-your-own)
  • Local Fresh Grilled Chicken (our chicken is antibiotic and additive-free)
  • Low-Fat, High-Fiber Healthy Wraps (choose your own ingredients)
  • Fresh Vegetables (We do not add butter or margarine)
  • Large Salad Bar Stations - Including fresh-cut vegetables, a variety of legumes, fat-free and low calorie dressings, low fat cheese and cottage cheese, tuna (packed in water) and yogurt.
  • Bamboo Bowl - Available at Nelson Court - Enjoy fresh, made-to-order stir fry meals
  • Garden Burgers are available at all Dining Courts for lunch and dinner.
  • Various Pastas - Red, White and Meatless sauces available
  • We use trans-fat free oil for deep-frying
  • Low Fat Muffins at breakfast

Did You Know?

  • 98% of all baked goods at OHIO are baked from-scratch within our on-campus Bakery
  • Our Culinary Support Kitchen, located on campus in Athens, provides its own in-house formula for all gluten-free products

If you have a special diet, food allergies, or other concerns, our registered dietitian is available to meet with you by appointment. To schedule an appointment, email or call us 740.593.2970.