Event Checklist

Contact OHIO Catering at catering@ohio.edu or 740.593.4035 to set up initial event consultation. Your catering professional will help make your next event a complete success!

To begin planning your event, follow this helpful event checklist below:

  1. Please have an approximate guest list/count. Your total guest count needs to be determined 3 days before the event.
  2. Time/date of event.
  3. Projected budget for your event.
  4. Preferred menu style. Do you want your event to be buffet, served or a combination of both? Final decision of your menu needs to be determined 30 days before your event.
  5. Please contact OHIO University Transportation and Parking Services for parking information for your event. Visit our Parking Policy page for more information.
  6. Contact Event Services to book your room/location on campus.**
  7. Determine payment method. We need this at the beginning of planning to determine the billing process.

**OHIO Catering cannot make room reservations. Please contact OHIO Event Services to begin your room reservation process.

Any further questions, please Contact the OHIO Catering office at catering@ohio.edu or 740.593.4035.