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To provide feedback for the Culinary Services team, please complete our Culinary Services Comment Form via Qualtrics. 

You can also contact us via email at or by phone at 740.593.2970

For student employment questions, please contact us at or call the appropriate venue located on our Venue Contacts.

Media Requests

Thank you for your interest in Culinary Services and our operations. All media and student project requests must first be submitted to Frank Pazzanese, Executive Director, Culinary Services.


Learn more through Culinary Tours!

Thank you for your interest in Culinary Tours. If you have a group that is interested in a Culinary Tour, please contact our office at 740-593-2970.

Venue Contacts

  • Nelson Court on South Green
    Phone: 740-597-7111
    Email: Kofi Gyasi,
  • The District on West Green 
    Phone: 740-597-5904
    Email: Bruce Reede,


  • Earl's Coop, Shively Grab N Go on East Green
    Phone: 740-597-5900
    Email: Dale Lindsey,
  • Central Food Facility (W. Green)
    Phone: 740-593-2980
    Email: Scott Hardy,
  • Baker University Center - Catering
    Phone: 740-593-4035
  • Baker University Center - West 82
    Phone: 740-593-4035
    Email: Krystle Lupardus,
  • Baker University Center - Latitude 39
    Email: Krystle Lupardus,
  • Baker University Center - The Front Room Coffeehouse
    Phone: 740-566-0936
    Email: Drew Banks,
  • Alden Library - Cafe Bibliotech
    Phone: 740-593-0807
    Email: Drew Banks,
  • ARC Cafe - Academic Research Center
    Phone: 740-597-7513
    Email: Drew Banks,
  • Cafe at Factory St. - Heritage Hall
    Phone: 740-593-0807
    Email: Drew Banks,
  • South Side Espresso Bar
    Phone: 740-597-5777
    Email: Drew Banks,
  • Boyd Market
    Phone: 740-597-3399
    Email: Chris Lupardus,
  • Nelson Market
    Phone: 740-593-9958
    Email: Chris Lupardus,
  • Jefferson Marketplace
    Phone: 740-593-0513
    Email: Chris Lupardus,