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Procedures Checklist for Dissertation/Thesis

  • Check the deadlines for the oral defense at the Graduate College TAD (Thesis and Dissertation Services) and determine whether or not you will complete and defend your dissertation/thesis in time to graduate.  
  • Visit the TAD website for the PCOE template, TAD checklist, deadlines, and procedures.
    • Suggestion: Defend at least two weeks before the required term deadline found on the TAD Deadlines chart, if you plan to graduate in a specific semester.
  • Before the final defense, complete the online TAD Submission Form, then email the approved Dissertation or Thesis to TAD for a format check.
  • NOT LESS THAN TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the defense, when all is confirmed by your Committee, email the  Arrangements for the Oral Exam on Thesis/Dissertation form to PCOE Student Affairs Graduate Records.
  • Receive emailed verification of defense arrangements from PCOE Student Affairs Graduate Records. 
  • Each member of your dissertation/thesis committee must receive an edited copy of the dissertation/thesis, along with the results of a similarity check, at least two weeks before the defense, and the defense must be publicly posted. If not publicly posted, the committee can choose to cancel the defense.
    • The doctoral candidate submits the dissertation document to a Turnitin (TII) assignment in their dissertation course (e.g., EDLE 8950). The dissertation & TII report are shared with the Dissertation Committee at least 2 weeks before the Final Defense. 
  • Using the results of the TII similarity report, the Dissertation Chair & at least one other committee member (e.g., Dean's Rep) might request revisions to the dissertation. When the Dissertation/Thesis Chair finds that no more revisions are needed, they will initial the statement “TII Revisions are Complete” on the final defense form. 
  • Corrections and suggestions on the dissertation/thesis document must be approved by your Committee.
  • PCOE Student Affairs Graduate Records emails the approved Final Defense Report to the TAD office, upon receipt of the approved Final Defense Report.
  • Student submits the fully approved dissertation/thesis through TAD. This must occur by the TAD deadline.
  • TAD emails the “TAD PROCESS COMPLETE” message to the student, the Committee chair, and PCOE Graduate Records.
  • TAD emails the defense report to the Registrar to change the Dissertation/Thesis grades.