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Asian Studies Curriculum - a minimum of 48 semester credit hours

The curriculum for the M.A. in Asian Studies consists of Core Requirements (a minimum of 28 credit hours) and Specialization Requirements (a minimum of 20 credit hours).

Core Requirements

1. Introduction to Asian Studies* 4 credits
2. Asian language requirement** 8 credits
3. Research method course*** 4 credits
4. Thesis/Professional Project Option: INST 6940 or 6950
Non-Thesis Option: Asian electives and a comprehensive examination
10 credits

*Students can take either Introduction to Southeast Asian Studies (INST 5200), or East Asia in World Politics (POLS 5440).

** Students are required to complete two years of an Asian language of their choice, but only 8 credit hours are counted toward graduation. Students who are eligible for the Asian language requirement waiver are encouraged to study another regional language, although they may opt to take Asian electives instead. The decision should be made in consultation with both the program director and their advisor.

*** Students can choose from a number of qualitative or quantitative courses. All methodology courses must be pre-approved by the director.

Specialization Requirements:

Choose one specialization from the following :

  Southeast Asia East Asia Transnational Asia Credits
1. Southeast Asia core courses East Asia core courses Thematic courses* 12
2. Asia electives Asia electives Asia electives 10

* Transnational Asia Specialization: choose a thematic field of study from the following and take a minimum of 12 hours in the field of choice:

  • Arts, Popular Culture and the Media
  • Gender, Ethnicity and Religion
  • Globalization, Conflict and Social Change

Students can also develop their own themes, in consultation with their advisor.