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Asian Studies Languages

The Chess Pavilion in Asia

The Asian Language program at Ohio University is very special in that it aims to enrich the lives of students in different ways and to prepare them to be global citizens in an ever-dynamic world.

Instruction focuses on all aspects of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The model of language instruction used at Ohio University emphasizes the importance of culture. In other words, students not only learn the languages but develop an understanding of the cultural context out of which the languages emerged. Extracurricular activities are arranged to provide ample opportunities for students to be exposed to Asian culture and interact with others from the region.

Ensuring the quality of Asian language instruction has been the central focus of the program since its inception. The Asian Language program at Ohio University adheres to the standards established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The instructors of the Asian languages are native speakers and have extensive experience in language teaching.

Currently, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai and Khmer are offered from elementary to advanced levels. Those languages fulfill the graduate requirement for students in the Asian Studies program as well as the graduate certificate program.

  • For more information on Thai, Indonesia, Khmer and Hindi Languages please contact Pittaya Paladroi-Shane (Fon) at
  • For more information on Arabic, Chinese, Japanese please contact Chris Thompson at

The Asian Language Program includes:

Asian Language Courses

  • CHIN 5110 Elementary Chinese I
  • CHIN 5120 Elementary Chinese II
  • CHIN 5210 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 5220 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN 5310 Advanced Chinese I
  • CHIN 5320 Advanced Chinese II
  • HIND 5110 Elementary Hindi-Urdu I
  • HIND 5120 Elementary Hindi-Urdu II
  • HIND 5210 Intermediate Hindi-Urdu I
  • HIND 5120 Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II
  • INDO 5110 Elementary Indonesian/Malaysian I
  • INDO 5120 Elementary Indonesian/Malaysian II
  • INDO 5210 Intermediate Indonesian/Malaysian I
  • INDO 5220 Intermediate Indonesian/Malaysian II
  • INDO 5310 Advanced Indonesian I
  • INDO 5320 Advanced Indonesian II
  • JAPA 5110 Elementary Japanese I
  • JAPA 5120 Elementary Japanese II
  • JAPA 5210 Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPA 5220 Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPA 5310 Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPA 5320 Advanced Japanese II
  • KHMR 5110 Elementary Khmer I
  • KHMR 5120 Elementary Khmer II
  • KHMR 5210 Intermediate Khmer I
  • KHMR 5220 Intermediate Khmer II
  • MALA 5310 Advanced Malay I
  • MALA 5320 Advanced Malay II
  • THAI 5110 Elementary Thai I
  • THAI 5120 Elementary Thai II
  • THAI 5210 Intermediate Thai I
  • THAI 5220 Intermediate Thai II
  • THAI 5310 Advanced Thai I
  • THAI 5320 Advanced Thai II
  • VIET 5110 Elementary Vietnamese I
  • VIET 5120 Elementary Vietnamese II
  • VIET 5210 Intermediate Vietnamese I
  • VIET 5210 Intermediate Vietnamese II