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Topology Examination Syllabus


Point Set Topology

  • Open sets, closed sets, closures, and boundaries
  • bases, dense sets, and networks
  • the Baire Category Theorem for complete metric spaces and for locally compact spaces
  • completion of a metric space
  • connectedness
  • separation axioms
  • metrizable and non-metrizable spaces
  • Urysohn metrization theorem
  • continuous functions, quotient spaces, and quotient mappings
  • Peano curves
  • completely regular and normal spaces
  • Urysohn's Lemma and the Tietze Extension Theorem
  • compactness, characterization of compactness in various classes of spaces
  • paracompactness
  • A.H.Stone's theorem on paracompactness of metric spaces.

Algebraic Topology

  • Fundamental group, homology of complexes, singular homology and cohomology
  • polyhedra and CW-complexes
  • simplicial complexes
  • homology and homotopy groups of spheres
  • higher homotopy groups
  • Euclidean spaces (Jordan theorem, Brouwer fixed point theorem, topological invariance of open sets)
  • manifolds and Poincare duality
  • characteristic classes of vector bundles.


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