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A&S Distinguished Professors

Dr. Susan Burgess, left, President M. Duane Nellis, middle, and Dr. Gerri Botte, right, get the first look at Dr. Burgess' Distinguished Professor Portrait. Photo by Hannah Ruhoff
​Dr. Susan Burgess, left, former President M. Duane Nellis, middle, and Dr. Gerri Botte, right, get the first look at Dr. Burgess'

The Distinguished Professor Award recognizes outstanding scholarly and creative accomplishments and is the highest permanent recognition attainable by faculty at Ohio University. Most of the awardees have come from the College of Arts & Sciences:

2019 Steven W. Evans, Ph.D., Psychology

2018 Susan Burgess, Ph.D., Political Science

2016 Alexander Govorov, Ph.D., Physics & Astronomy

2014 Christopher France, Ph.D., Psychology

2013 Thomas Carpenter, Ph.D., Classics

2011 Mark Halliday, Ph.D., English

2009 Peter Jung, Ph.D., Physics

2008 R. Damian Nance, Ph.D., Geological Sciences

2006 Tadeusz Malinski, Ph.D., Dr. H.C.M., Biochemistry

2005 David A. Drabold, Ph.D., Physics

2004 Gar W. Rothwell, Ph.D., Botany

2003 Alexander Arhangelskii, Ph.D., Mathematics

2002 Kenneth A. Holroyd, Ph.D., Psychology

2001 Steve Grimes, Ph.D., Physics

1999 Surender K. Jain, Ph.D., Mathematics

1998 Robert J. DeMott, Ph.D., English

1997 Robert Hikida, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

1996 Alonzo L. Hamby, Ph.D., History

1993 Thomas E. Wagner, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology
Wayne Dodd, Ph.D., English

1991 Roger Finlay, Ph.D., Physics

1989 Charles C. Alexander, Ph.D., History

1985 Richard K. Vedder, Ph.D., Economics

1983 John L. Gaddis, Ph.D., History

1981 Jacobo Rapaport, Ph.D., Physics

1980 Peter R. Griffiths, Ph.D., Chemistry

1979 George R. Klare, Ph.D., Psychology

1977 John M. (Jack) Matthews, M.A., English

1976 Lee C. Soltow, Ph.D., Economics

1974 Lowell E. Gallaway, Ph.D., Economics

1972 Raymond O. Lane, Ph.D., Physics

1971 Carl G. Gustavson, Ph.D., History

1970 William U. Snyder, Ph.D., Psychology
William W. Paudler, Ph.D., Chemistry

1969 Roma A. King, Jr., Ph.D., English

1968 William D. Huntsman, Ph.D., Chemistry
Norman S. Cohn, Ph.D., Botany

1966 Edward Stone, Ph.D., English

1965 Troy W. Organ, Ph.D., Philosophy

1964 Hollis Summers, Ph.D., English

1962 John E. Edwards, Ph.D., Physics

1959 John F. Cady, History, Ph.D.
Harvey C. Lehman, Ph.D., Psychology
Paul Murray Kendall, Ph.D., English