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College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Advisory Committee 


Given the breadth of the College of Arts & Sciences and recognizing the importance of including the faculty voice in key decisions, the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity by providing input and feedback on A&S policies and initiatives, as well as guidance on university procedures and priorities.


  1. Provides input on potential policies, procedures, and initiatives in development for A&S.  
  2. Offers feedback on current policies and procedures in A&S leading to improvement of processes. 
  3. Informs the dean’s office regarding the impact of university led initiatives on wider A&S community. 
  4. In consultation with the broader A&S faculty community, brings issues that need further discussion and conversation to the attention of the A&S leadership.

Current Members

  • Rebecca Barlag, Professor of Instruction, CHEM
  • Jared DeForest, Professor, PBIO
  • Zijian Diao, Associate Professor, MATH, Eastern Campus (Co-Leader)
  • Joseph Gingerich, Associate Professor, SOAN
  • Joseph McLaughlin, Associate Professor, ENG
  • Brett Peters, Associate Professor, PSY
  • Daniel Phillips, Professor, PHYS
  • Assan Sarr, Associate Professor, HIST
  • Kathleen Sullivan, Associate Professor, POLS
  • Morgan Vis, Associate Dean (Co-Leader)

Committee Composition and Representation

The committee is composed of nine faculty members with two faculty from each area of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, with representation from instructional, pre-tenure, and regional higher education faculty. The term will be two years, but those who can only serve for a year due to other commitments are also eligible.    

Membership is determined by a two-step process. First, nominations (with nominee’s consent) and self-nominations are be sought for the following categories: a) Natural Sciences, b) Humanities, c) Social Sciences, d) Instructional, e) Pre-tenure, and f) Regional Higher Education. Faculty may be nominated for more than one category if appropriate.  For example, a pre-tenured faculty member in the natural sciences could be nominated in categories a and e. A ballot derived from the nominations will be sent to all A&S faculty for voting.  

The committee may be co-led by the associate dean and a faculty member. 

Time Commitment

The committee typically meets on TEAMS monthly during the academic year. The monthly time commitment is typically two to three hours, including the meeting time and preparation.  Please contact Morgan Vis, associate dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and professor of environmental and plant biology, with your questions and feedback.