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Student Organizations

Students in they Schey Sales Centre pose at an airport

The Schey offers multiple ways to dive into a leadership role, gain extra experience, and apply your education.

Account Managers

Account managers act as the liason between our corporate partners and the Centre.

Account managers gain invaluable experience communicating and building relationships with our corporate partners something few other students in the country ever get the opportunity to do.

Candidate Advisory Council

The Candidate Advisory Council (CAC) acts as the student voice within the Schey Sales Centre. CAC members are selected annually by their peers and serve as the student leaders of the Centre.

With over 20 positions available, CAC gives candidates greater ownership of the Centre while providing invaluable leadership experience. The Council creates an environment for its members to engage and challenge themselves in their own learning.

Diversity & Inclusion Team

Being on the Diversity & Inclusion team gives you the chance to work hands-on with our Faculty & Student Directors to help create and plan events centered around diversity initiatives in the Schey. Students on the team will get the chance to sharpen their communication and collaboration skills. What makes this team special is members will a strong passion for bringing people together! Transparent and open conversations is what will drive this team. A spot on the team will give you the opportunity to network with corporate partners as well. Let your ideas be heard to create a more inclusive environment in the Schey.

Executive Mentorship

Our Executive Mentorship program gives our students a rare opportunity to frequently converse with a business professional.

This elite program gives our students the opportunity to glean knowledge that cannot be taught in the classroom. Giving graduates a mentor they can turn to even years into their careers.

First Impressions Team

The first impressions team shows potential partners around Ohio University’s campus as well as around the Schey Sales Centre in Copeland Hall. The team hosts panel discussions with potential partners to find out more about the company and share their experiences in the Schey. 

This team gives candidates real world experience in walking a client through the entire sales process from pitch, to objections, to agreement. 

Exsell Team

The Exsell team provides real sales experience to Schey candidates. 

It operates as a division of the Sales Centre providing yet another outlet for our candidates to practice selling in a real life setting. They market B2B and B2C products such as sponsorships, tickets, and discount cards. 

Facilitation Team

The Facilitation Team works behind-the-scenes to ensure all events run smoothly. This team provides a unique experience to candidates as they get to meet special guests beforehand as well as help plan events.

Not only is it a fun way to network and get involved, but being on this team teaches individuals time management, organization, and communication within a group. 

Outreach Team 

The Outreach team makes calls on behalf of philanthropic organizations to try to raise donations. This is an amazing opportunity to gain inside sales experience and spend time talking to a real life customer or in this case a donor. 


The Philanthropy team in the Schey is always looking for new members that are passionate about giving back to the community. 

Not only is it a fun way to network and get involved, but is also very impactful and rewarding knowing that you’re making a difference in the community. 

Sales Cats 

Sales Cats is Ohio University’s competitive sales team. During weekly meetings, members learn more about each part of the sales process and practice sales role plays. 

Students have the opportunity to compete all across the United States against other colleges. Sales Cats teaches members how to be effective in real life sales situations and allows opportunities to network with top companies in a wide variety of industries.