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Schey Sales Centre Alumni

Everything you need to know to stay up-to-date with the Schey.

Our Mission: To deliver the ultimate alumni experience through professional networking, continuous learning, student development and social engagement.

Official Alumni email:

Chair of the Alumni Society: Allie Stalter

Our Goals

  1. Create Alumni awareness
    • Alumni Sales Experience Day – Spring Semester
    • Annual Reunion – Spring Semester 
    • Electronic communication – Ongoing, Alumni Newsletter
    • Sales Centre Events – Symposiums, Continuous Learning events
    • TSCAS Annual Report 
  2. Establish professional and networking opportunities of an elite group of Sales
    • Professionals
    • Annual Directory
    • See events above
    • Cross-functional interaction with TSC subsidiaries (CAC, PSAB, Alumni) 
  3. Increase and maintain TSCAS membership
  4. Develop fundraising process and procedures to support TSCAS
  5. Establish professional and networking opportunities for Sales Certificate Candidates
    • Shadowing, mentoring, speakers, book recommendations and classroom experience.