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Additional Information: RN to BSN

To supplement the information provided in the Sponsored Student Process Overview, certain sponsored Ohio University students may benefit from additional information. If you have more questions or still require assistance, please contact the Office of the Bursar by sending an email to or by calling (740) 593-4130.

Sponsored Online RN to BSN Students

The Nursing Knowledge Center is the main source of information for online RN to BSN students attending Ohio University. The Nursing Knowledge Center site should be reviewed regularly.

For sponsored online RN to BSN students, it is important to note that your sponsor will not be invoiced until the 3rd, 5-week session of the semester. Invoices will be sent to the contact person at the address provided in the authorization letter. Invoices are due upon receipt. If the sponsor payment is not received, the sponsor credit will be removed from the student’s account and a hold will be placed on academic records.

If the sponsor has not remitted payment, it is the responsibility of the student to contact their sponsor to determine why. Ohio University does not negotiate the conditions of a sponsor agreement. That is determined between a student and their sponsor.

Sponsored billing is not tuition reimbursement. If you are an online RN to BSN student participating in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer, please visit Tuition Reimbursement.

Account Itemization

Account Itemization, located within the Finances section of the MyOHIO Student Center, is the official account statement for an Ohio University student. The Account Itemization provides an inclusive view of charges, payments, financial aid, and enrollment for a specified semester. By selecting the accompanied “printer friendly version” of Account Itemization, financial and enrollment information can be displayed on Ohio University letterhead. Account Itemization is also available on the Authorized Users Portal.

A Student Account How To Video and an instructional PDF document are available to assist with locating the Account Itemization.

Tuition Schedules

Ohio University does not charge tuition based on the class, but on the number of credit hours. Tuition schedules, which reflect the base tuition cost per credit hour, are available on the Office of the Bursar website. Tuition schedules may be used in conjunction with the Account Itemization to validate tuition amounts that were charged for a given semester.

To locate the tuition schedules on the Office of the Bursar website, click Tuition and Fees from the navigation menu on the left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit Sponsored Students FAQs for answers to common questions about the Sponsored Student Process at Ohio University.