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Institutional Loan Repayment

Institutional Loans are various long-term loans that are awarded by Ohio University to help undergraduate and graduate students pay for educational costs. Many donors and foundations contribute monies to these various funds. When the borrower repays the loan, the money is directed back to the fund from which it was disbursed. The monies are then redistributed to current students as new Institutional Loans. Each loan fund has different criteria for qualification. If you are interested in obtaining an Institutional Loan, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for qualification requirements.

University Loans

  • Authorine Moore Loan
  • Bishop Loan
  • Charles Schell Loan
  • Engineering Loan
  • 1823 Founders Loan (Medical Loan)
  • Henry Strong Loan
  • Littick Loan
  • Paul Yuhas Loan
  • Wilma K. Miller Loan

Loan Servicer

It is the borrower’s responsibility to update their Institutional Loan contact information with Ohio University’s loan servicer:

1200 Cherrington Parkway, Suite 200
Moon Township, PA 15108

ECSI provides web-based access to your loan account which allows you to view payment history, update address and phone information, verify account balances, obtain loan payoff amounts, sign-up for electronic billing, and make payment. ECSI provides payment options such as recurring electronic funds transfer and credit card payments (additional fee applies to credit card payments; no additional fee for most eCheck payments). You can view your loan account status online. For questions regarding login, please contact ECSI at 1.888.549.3274.

ECSI will bill each loan in accordance with the terms of the signed promissory note and repayment schedule presented during the exit interview counseling. In the case of multiple loan accounts, you may receive a consolidated statement. Monthly billing starts following the expiration of the initial grace period per the terms of the promissory note with payment due following the end of the grace period.  

The Consequences of Default

Ohio University reports the status of Institutional Loans to at least one of the three national credit bureaus. If your loan becomes past due, your credit rating can be adversely affected.

If your loan payment becomes seriously past due, your loan may be accelerated, which means the entire loan becomes due and payable immediately. Accelerated loans will be forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General’s office for further collection proceedings. All associated collection costs are your responsibility and will increase your outstanding balance due.

Attorney General of Ohio
Collections Enforcement
30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Collection Cost

The Ohio Attorney General and/or their collection agencies will assess collection fees and interest to the account holder. The Ohio Attorney General reserves the right to employ legal counsel to handle litigation necessary to collect the debt. If litigation is filed, all costs associated with the litigation may be passed to the account holder. The Ohio Attorney General and his designees will at all times act in compliance with the provisions of the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” and any applicable Ohio statues.