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Tuition Reimbursement

Sponsored billing is not tuition reimbursement.   Some sponsoring organizations require grades and/or course completion prior to payment. Because payment must not be dependent upon receipt of grades or successful completion of the course, the sponsored billing option is not available for those organizations. Instead, a student is responsible for making the tuition payment by their due date to avoid a late fee. Students participating in employer tuition reimbursement programs need to verify with their employer if their company will pay Ohio University directly or if the student will be responsible for the initial payment. For tuition reimbursement programs, the student is to remit payment to Ohio University for tuition charges and is later reimbursed by their employer. 

If your employer will not be remitting payment to Ohio University directly, it is the student's responsibility to make sure that incurred charges are paid on time, per their assigned due date on MyOHIO Student Center. Please see  Account Balances  for additional information about charges on the student account.

Helpful Tip:   Ohio University students participating in their employer’s tuition reimbursement program often will submit an Account Itemization, along with a tuition schedule, to their employer in order to substantiate tuition charges for a semester. 

Account Itemizations

Account Itemization, located within the Finances section of the MyOHIO Student Center, is the official account statement for an Ohio University student. The Account Itemization provides an inclusive view of charges, payments, financial aid, and enrollment for a specified semester. By selecting the accompanied “printer friendly version” of Account Itemization, financial and enrollment information can be displayed on Ohio University letterhead. Account Itemization is also available on the  Authorized Users Portal.

An  Account Itemization How To Video  and  Account Itemization instructions[PDF]  are available to assist with locating the Account Itemization.

Tuition Schedules

Ohio University charges tuition based on the number of credit hours. Tuition schedules, which reflect the base tuition cost per credit hour, are available within the Tuition and Fees section of this site which can be accessed from the menu. Tuition schedules may be used in conjunction with the Account Itemization to validate tuition amounts that were charged for a given semester.