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Cash Handling

All units accepting cash, checks, or credit cards must ensure proper controls are in place to safeguard collections until deposit. All departments collecting funds are subject to periodic, unannounced audits by the Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance.

Ohio University-wide cash handling guidelines[PDF] have been developed and shall apply to all staff members of the University. The cash handling guidelines focus on preventing the mishandling or loss of cash and situations where charges of cash mishandling can be raised against University staff. It is intended that the guidelines will ensure consistency of cash handling practices amongst colleges and departments.

The Bursar is the University's primary cash handling agent. Ideally, from a control perspective, the collection and controlling of cash should be centralized in one location. It is strongly recommended that departments email the Bursar or contact us via phone (740) 593-4129 to discuss the centralization of collections. Departments collecting cash must strictly follow the guidelines described in the procedures document.

Departmental Cash Collection Application [PDF]

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