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Account Balances

The Office of the Bursar is primarily responsible for the billing and collection of charges that appear on a student's financial account. While standard tuition charges are a well-known component of the student account, additional charges may include housing or judicial fines.

Charges posted to the student account within a calendar month are due by the 21st of the following month.

Initial Due Dates

Charges for a new semester will post to the student account based on the schedule below:

Semester Initial Charge Assessment Begins Initial Due Date
Fall Early - Mid July August 21st
Spring Early - Mid December January 21st
Summer Mid - Late April May 21st

Locating Student Account Balances and Due Dates

All charges that post to the student account are assigned due dates. A due date is the date that a charge must be paid in order to prevent penalties for nonpayment from occurring. Due dates may be reviewed in the Finances section of the MyOHIO Student Center and the Authorized User Portal.

Charges Due

Charges Due, located in the dropdown menu under the Finances Section, is a great place to view a listing of all charges due as well as their assigned due dates. Charges Due is also available on the Authorized Users Portal.

Account Itemization

Account Itemization, located within the Finances section of the MyOHIO Student Center, provides an inclusive view of charges, payments, financial aid, and enrollment for a specified semester. By selecting the accompanied, "printer friendly version" of Account Itemization, financial and enrollment information can be displayed on Ohio University letterhead. Account Itemization is also available on the Authorized Users Portal.

For a more detailed guide, please view our Account Itemization video.

Balance Notifications

Ohio University does not issue paper bills or statements.  At the beginning of a given month, OHIO students are emailed monthly balance notifications to their University email accounts. (Authorized Users also receive balance notification emails to the email address assigned to them by their OHIO Student.) These notifications are sent as reminders of upcoming balances — including payment plan installments — that are due on the 21st of that month.

Penalties for Nonpayment of Balances

Any account with charges that are not paid in full, by their assigned due date, may be subjected to late fees, financial holds, class cancellation, and collections. Please review the links below for additional information:

Technical Issues

If you experience any difficulties logging in to MyOHIO Student Center, please email the IT service desk or call them at 740.593.1222 for troubleshooting assistance.