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Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study is one of the Campus-Based Aid Programs. This program provides University and community service jobs to Ohio University students who qualify. Work-Study is based on the results of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Only students who have been offered Federal Work-Study on their OHIO Student Center can view and select a Work-Study position.

How do I apply for Federal Work-Study?

  • Complete the FAFSA annually by Ohio University's first-priority consideration date of January 15.
  • Mark 'yes' to the question on the FAFSA that asks if you are interested in student employment.
  • Federal Work-Study is determined at the time financial aid is offered.

How do I select a Federal Work-Study position?

  • Athens campus students visit the Financial Aid Online Services website.
  • Select the appropriate academic year and select "Search Jobs" under the Work Study tab.
  • Search for positions based on the department, job title, position keyword, or words in the job description. No interviews for Work-Study positions are required.
  • After selecting a position, you must contact your employer to arrange your work schedule.
  • Regional campus students visit the Student Services Office on your campus.

What should I do if I am not offered Federal Work-Study?

Based on the number of students working during the year, there may be additional Work-Study funds that can be offered to students. In October, if you are interested in Work-Study and have filed your FAFSA, email financial.aid.employment@ohio.edu to be placed on the Work-Study waiting list.

You may be ineligible for Work-Study based on your FAFSA information. If so, we recommend pursuing Student Hourly Employment or PACE employment positions.

Quick Facts

  • You can only participate in Federal Work-Study if it is offered to you on your OHIO Student Center.
  • Pay rate is based on the Federal Minimum Wage or the State of Ohio Minimum Wage, whichever is greater.
  • Students cannot hold both a Federal Work-Study position and a PACE position. Students cannot hold both a Federal Work-Study position and an RA position.
  • Students must be enrolled to earn Work-Study funds. For summer semester exceptions, email financial.aid.employment@ohio.edu.
  • Positions available on Athens campus and all five regional campuses.
  • Opportunities for work study positions are also available at community-based host sites through the Community Work Study Program, coordinated in partnership with the Center for Campus and Community Engagement.
  • Student hours and work schedule will be determined by departmental supervisors based on need and availability.

Federal Work-Study Employers

To request a new Federal Work-Study position, review or edit your current position(s), and view your student roster, visit the Financial Aid Online Services website. Your student roster includes each students' contact information, pay rate, earnings received, and remaining earnings eligibility. If you have questions about your position, please email financial.aid.employment@ohio.edu.

Please remember the following about employing Federal Work-Study students:

  • Students may not earn more than the specified amount in the Financial Aid Online Services website.
  • Federal Work-Study supervisors must complete required Payroll paperwork with the hired student and enter them into WorkForce.
  • Work-Study earnings in excess of the specified amount will be transferred to the employing department's account number.
  • Students are typically allowed 10 hours a week of work. However, there is a university limit on hours worked. Student employees will be permitted to work 25 hours per week during periods of enrollment, such as fall and spring semesters. The limit for summer semester, if a student is not enrolled, and all academic breaks will remain at 36 hours per week. 

  • Students cannot be employed in both a Federal Work-Study and a PACE position at the same time. Students cannot be employed in both a Federal Work-Study and an RA position at the same time.
  • Students are not required to be enrolled during the summer semester to be employed in a Federal Work-Study position. Students must be offered Work-Study and enrolled in spring semester to work the first part of the summer semester. Students must be offered Work-Study and enrolled in fall semester to work the second part of the summer semester. To determine a student's summer employment eligibility, email financial.aid.employment@ohio.edu.
  • Federal Work-Study jobs should not replace a university employee. Due to the volume of job requests and the limited number of Work-Study students, there is no guarantee that all positions will be filled.