Ohio University

State Vehicle Parking


University owned state vehicle parking guidelines are outlined below:


Standard Parking Locations

University owned, state licensed vehicles may park within any non-metered and non-restricted space within a dark green or purple designated parking lot on campus.  If a particular lot becomes overcrowded or problematic due to state vehicle storage, requests to store vehicles in an alternative location may be coordinated in an effort to efficiently manage parking needs on campus. 


Service Maintenance Parking Spaces

Transportation and Parking Services recognizes the need for University-owned state vehicles who serve in a service capacity to have access to available parking in various locations across campus.  As a result, spaces within various parking lots on campus have been designated as service maintenance parking locations.  These areas maintain a four-hour parking limit, and require vehicles display a service maintenance permit.  Storage of state vehicles is not permitted within service maintenance spaces.

Service maintenance permits may be requested by a department using the Service Maintenance Permit Request Form.  

Permits should be clearly displayed from the vehicle's rear view mirror at all times and clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. Service maintenance permits are license-plate specific, and permits are non-transferable. Permits are issued at a cost of $50 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Departments should coordinate annual permit renewal prior to expiration.  

  •  In addition to designated spaces, state vehicles displaying a service maintenance permit may park in the following locations:
    • Curbs within University parking lots.  Vehicles may utilize curbs but may not park in a manner that prohibits vehicular or pedestrian flow. 
    • Loading Docks
    • Regular spaces within dark green and purple lots.
  • Parking is not permitted within the following locations.
    • Grass
    • University Sidewalks
    • University Roadways.
    • Fire lanes
    • Metered Spaces
    • Sign Restricted Spaces
    • Pay by Space or Hourly Areas
    • Residential Parking Lots and Garages
    • Lots Closed for Events

State vehicles needing access to an area in which parking is generally not permitted (as outlined above) for extenuating circumstances should arrange parking access with Transportation & Parking Services.  Permit access to these parking areas is provided on a case-by-case basis.