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BSO: Your Transition to College

Making the leap

“Advice is least heeded when most needed.”
– English proverb

Enjoy life, but don’t lose sight of why you are here.

The transition from high school to college is hardest on those who have no local support system — which is why it's so important to make friends. Part of college is creating a social life, yet, some social activities may infringe on academic preparation and lead to lower GPA’s. Create balance in your schedule. Take a range of courses each semester that engage your mind and efforts in different ways. Create a schedule.

And do make time to have some fun. Put that on your schedule, too! Those who do not plan for fun, end up having fun at the expense of academic performance.

Learning Communities and student organizations will help with building a support system — and inject some fun into your university life. Learn more about the benefits of joining one at

Research shows ...

Research shows that for each half-distance you sit closer to the front of the class from where you are accustomed, your grade will increase on average by one letter. Note to yourself: Move front and center.

Research also shows those who are involved in school-related activities and groups tend to find greater satisfaction with their educational experience. Anecdotal evidence indicates that poor grades are an indication of either a lack of interest or of raw ability in an area.

Find ways to make a subject interesting. Those who are successful are those who work with the system to achieve THEIR goals, connect with other students, and engage in the learning process. Learning is something you do — not something others do to you. If you expect instructors to know everything, you will be disappointed.

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